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EASYLAGE - Quality forages, haylage
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EASYLAGE... much more than hay

EASYLAGE - Much more than hay...

...Meadowgrass, Ryegrass, Haylage

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Easylage: much more than hay

For the fitness of the horse a semi-wilted forage that retains the character of fresh grass. Provides the right amount of energy, protein and fiber; like grass is dust-free, palatable, easily digestible.
Unique in the treatment of respiratory disorders of the horse, unparalleled in the dietary management of the healthy horse.

The benefits of Easylage

Naturally dust-free. Hypoallergenic. High nutritional value. High digestibility.
Support for the horse's athletic performance. Tasteful, no wastage.
Easy to handle: packed in 20 kg bags. Handy: already cut into slices.

DietaDelCavallo, the italian program of Equine veterinary awareness and nutritional counseling, certifies Easylage as accredited solution.

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Accredited solutions are products/services of special technical/scientific interest tested by the program.

For more info please visit www.dietadelcavallo.it.

Easy and manageable to transport on journeys.

The peculiar packaging of Easylage, pre-cut into 4 slices and sealed in small 20kg bags, makes it the ideal solution for all those who travel with their horse.

What is Easylage?

It is a unique, completely natural feed, recommended for the diet of the horse.
It is completely dust-free, highly digestible, and has higher nutritional content and better hygienic quality than ordinary hay.
No chemical additives or preservatives are added. It retains the character of fresh grass.

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